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Mustang leisteen van de bron

Direct from the source

Slate has exsisted for over a billion years due to the formation of the earth’s crust and is therefore one of the oldest and most resistent rock formations in the world. Slate is found in several places in the world but mustang slate, also called Black Slate is only found in Brasil. In various places in this South American land is this natural stone quarried, split into large slabs from which tiles are then produced. The tiles are rhen given different finishing touches and are ready for use.

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Mustang leisteen in kratten

Product and Packaging

Slate can be used in the home, to tile the bathroom or to give your garden terrace a unique radiation. Mustang Direct delivers to your front door, fast accurate and at low prices: in a required amount or a full load, everything is possible! Are you looking for a elegant, hardwearing and durable natural stone? A tasteful solution for your interior? A hard tile for your garden terrace? At Mustang Direct we can give you a fantastic alternative. Natural slate is a high quality, elegant and durable product, moreover due to our astute purchasing system is the price of slate from Mustang Direct very attractive.

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Mustang leisteen transport

Order Direct

Order by telephone or email, you can be sure of a fast delivery and a good service. Our stock is available to you 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. Mustang Direct delivers throughout Holland via retailers. If you need a large quantity this can be picked up at one of many large ports in North West Europe. To order please use our orderform. Choose the amount required, fill in your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order details.

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Mustang Slate for builders

Mustang Direct does not deal with wholesale dealers, therefore due to our astute purchasing and excellent service we can deliver top quality slate from all large ports in North West Europe at internet prices. Mustang Direct delivers straight out of the container wether for a small amount or with a interesting discount for a half or full container, both are no problem. Mustang Direct is the answer to professional craftsmen who require quality at a reasonable price.

  Delivery per crate, cash & carry. Extra discount from half-full loads.  
  Reservations for seasonal stocks with the lowest prices.
  Optionally collect yourself at the port or delivery to your company or client.  
  Only for specialised trade, transparent prices, high discounts.
Order now!

Delivering from the container direct to the trade!

No interference of wholesalers, Mustang Direct is the answer for the tile specalist to internet pricing.