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Are you looking for a elegant, hardwearing and durable natural stone? A tasteful solution for your interior? A hard tile for your garden terrace? At Mustang Direct we can give you a fantastic alternative. Natural slate is a high quality, elegant and durable product, moreover due to our astute purchasing system is the price of slate from Mustang Direct very attractive.

Product Attributes
Because slate unlike other rocks, contains hardly any lime, makes it easy to maintain. Occasionally cleaning with green soap is all it needs. Due to its alomst lime free composition, slate is virtually scratch and stain resistent. Stains from fat, no problem, due to the fact that slate has only a few pores, so that fat stains do not sink through the slate surface quickly. It is also possible to impregnate the slate with a half gloss or mat colour deepener.
Slate is made out of several layers with various colour tints, so it is possible to see different tints but this should not been seen as a disadvantage but as a characteristic playful attribute from this beautiful natural stone.
Click here for examples of slate floors and walls.

Why is Mustang Slate a suitable building material?

- Easily to cut to required sizes.
- Extremely low water absorption.
- Resistant to most acids, therefore making it usable in a bathroom.
- From nature it has anti-slip qualities tested to R-11, also when wet.
- Elegant radiation
- Low maintenance.
- Simple to keep clean.

Contact Mustang Direct and experience the pleasure of a colour resistant, timeless nature stone for many years to come. Mustang slate is extremely suitable for internally en externally use.

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